Certificate in Sales Management

Open the Door to a Rewarding Career in Sales!

It takes a certain kind of individual to step into a sales manager role - and an even more unique one to be successful at it. The Sales Institute offers content focused on developing the skills of sales managers and sales directors, enabling them to drive performance through their teams. Our sales manager training program offers instruction for building capabilities in developmental coaching, pipeline management, Compensation and Control Mechanisms and behavioral interviewing.

This program relates to the Administration of the professional sales force. The Certificate courses combine academic rigor, role-play and experiential learning to develop the necessary skills and experience to succeed in sales. It’s a 6 weeks Training Program that is sure to make great sales managers out of our Learners

Who can join?

All individuals in sales leadership roles including; Business owners, New and Old Sales and marketing managers, sales supervisors, experienced salespeople who want to become sales leadership, CEOs, and Startup owners.

What you’ll Learn

Have a strong foundation in what is required to build a sales team, manage its performance and achieve targets.