Sales Development Training

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Being a salesperson isn’t easy. It requires a combination of interpersonal and technical skills to engage and establish trust with the right people. These also happen to be business skills required in virtually every sales position.

Finding great salespeople isn’t easy, either. According to Forbes Africa Magazine, the turnover of salespeople in Africa is as high as 67 percent; more so, in starting positions in business development segments of enterprises. That’s more than twice the average of other professions. And there are a few reasons for that.

One of the biggest reasons, according to Forbes Africa, is a lack of proper training and mentorship, which leads to poor performance and, ultimately, departure from the company. Without the necessary training, guidance, and motivation, salespeople are set down a path of missing goals and low morale. This is bad news for everyone, as African companies spend more than $20 billion a year training salespeople and $500 billion on performance incentives. Every lost salesperson is a lost investment - and a big one at that.

That’s why Daniel Choudry Sales Institute - the continent’s leader in sales training and consultancy introduced the Sales Development Program for business enterprises. This program is what every sales role should be built on: They guarantee training, coaching, mentorship, and the kind of experience required to have a successful career in sales. And since sales skills are transferrable to other disciplines and are foundational for almost any role you could have at a company, gaining that kind of experience early on in your career is invaluable.

Sales teams are, at the end of the day, responsible for driving revenue and ensuring that a business is successful.

Sales is a field with a surprising number of specialized skills. You need to understand territory research, building a pipeline, identifying pain points for potential clients and filling the gap, problem-solving, and of course - negotiation. These and more are the programs that we can give to your enterprise’s sales team.