Sales Recruitment and Placement Training

Sales is the lifeblood of business. Yet hiring great sales people is one of the hardest hires to make because 80% of them aren’t that good and the best ones aren’t looking for a job. At the Sales Institute, we pride ourselves with training the best sales talents and preparing them for success in any sales roles in enterprises. Our practical sales training program focuses on ensuring our graduates have the right mindset, the right technical skills and embrace the warriors work ethics that will help them deliver exceptionally in any roles we place them.

We can help your enterprise get the right group of rockstars who will begin delivering for you today. We deliver 3-5 thoroughly trained, interviewed and “on target” candidates for any company in Uganda or Nairobi (Kenya) within the week

The single biggest difference with our approach to sales recruiting compared to other sales staffing firms is the fact that we train our own sales recruits fresh from the University. Your search is our priority. We dedicate an average of 6 weeks to train, coach and prepare the individuals we prepare for the marketplace. We make sure we deliver the sales talent that matches our clients’ exact requirements.

As one of the leading Sales Recruitment Agencies in East Africa, we’ve helped hundreds of companies in the Region find sales people who will hit their sales targets. We’ll double the number of A players that you interview and hire and significantly reduce the number of B & C’s. And reduce your time to hire by 65%.