Creating a budget and adhering to it is a true test of your financial discipline in life. This and more are some of the lessons that Beatrice Byemanzi, Daniel Choudry and Nataliey Bitature will be sharing with us on the 23rd of March 2021 as we discuss ways to budget your financial success.

Time: Mar 23, 2021 03:00 PM EAT

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Daniel Choudry Sales Institute is a sales training organization with the main aim of providing the benchmark for the most practical Sales training, coaching and mentoring in Africa helping business organizations get the most out of their sales people and go-to-market strategies.

Our programs can be adapted from industry to industry and we also have general practical sales certification program for those desiring to cut their capabilities in the sales World.

For the most practical solutions to all your sales and customer experience challenges, the Sales Institute will offer you the most robust and tailored program that will elevate your business to greater success.


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Our Services

  1. Sales Development Program
  2. Sales Reinforcement Program
  3. Sales Momentum Building Training
  4. Sales Warriors Online Training Program

Sales Development Program

Being a salesperson isn’t easy. It requires a combination of interpersonal and technical skills to engage and establish trust with the right people. These also happen to be business skills requiorange in virtually every sales position.

Sales Reinforcement Program

This program is for sales professionals who have already been in the game for some time and they need to be fiorange up and Powered to rise above their routine numbers in hitting their targets.

Sales Momentum Building Training

The Momentum program is an eventful training program for 1 or 2 days to build the intensity, momentum and energy in your team. It’s intensive, practical nuggets with power mindset stimulating sessions to fire up your team from a slump

Sales Warriors Online Training Program

The Sales Warriors Online program is suited for anyone who wants to get more out of life and business. Putting in mind that business is all about sales, it’s critical that whoever is associated with any business take learning about selling more seriously.

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