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About Daniel Choudry Sales Institute

Daniel Choudry Sales Institute is a sales training organization with the main aim of providing the benchmark for the most practical Sales training, coaching and mentoring in Africa helping business organizations get the most out of their sales people and go-to-market strategies.

Our programs can be adapted from industry to industry and we also have general practical sales certification program for those desiring to cut their capabilities in the sales World.

For the most practical solutions to all your sales and customer experience challenges, the Sales Institute will offer you the most robust and tailored program that will elevate your business to greater success.

We work with a strong team of training professionals who have been seasoned sales professionals in major Fortune 500 Companies before joining us. Our team wholeheartedly put their efforts to train, coaching and mentor our students and guide them to progress at every step of their sales career. In a conducive learning environment at our serene institute, we nurture champions & warriors, who, with intellectual brilliance, human relation propensities and work ethics, emerge out as leaders in their sales careers wherever they are.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence: To champion, promote and advocate for sales skills superiority in individual and institutions in Africa, and beyond, in everything that we think, say or do.
  • Action-based Training: To be the beacon of action based training that provides practical tools of measurement in all sales concepts that will surely guarantee productive results to the individual and the organization they work with.Innovativeness: To encourage and promote an environment that nurtures individual and institutional innovativeness and creativity in sales & service excellence arena, freshness of thought and the spirit of exploration and discovery.
  • Entrepreneurship: To champion and support creation of new wealth and employment, through the spirit of entrepreneurship and simplified business development skill sets.
  • Collaboration: To seek and reach out to like minded individuals and institutions for collaborative and synergistic initiatives for the universal good of humankind.These collaborations will be in line with recruitment, placement, strategic and alliance.
UMI Vision

DCSI Vision

Empower every person and every organization on the planet to become better at Selling as a Critical Life Skill!
UMI Mission

DCSI Mission

To provide the tools and expertise to enable seasoned and budding sales professionals with the most practical & World Class skills that enable their enterprises earn massive revenue while providing their customers with fair value for their investments!

You, leading a sales team at a major corporate enterprise! We have got solutions for your team’s needs.

You the budding entrepreneur running a startup; we have got solutions for your business as well. Are you in Hospitality, Technology and IT companies, in Manufacturing or Health care, we got solutions for you as well!

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